2008/09/28, Avebury, Wiltshire, UK, UE

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  00100000S (space)  
  00100000S (space)  
Vedi [[cristianesimo]], "Beware" in inglese significa "diffidare".
Vedi [[cristianesimo]] e [[alieni nordici|pleiadiani]], "Beware" in inglese significa "diffidare".
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==Galleria immagini==

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Cerchio nel grano di Avebury, Wiltshire, UK 28/09/2008

Doppio cerchio: un croce e un codice a barre.

Australian Scientist Comments On “Digital Barcode” September 28, 2008 email to Earthfiles: “The new cross in maize on September 28, 2008, appears at first glance to be authentic, and shows a ‘barcode signature’ off to one side. It might be ASCII, since its first few digits (reading left to right, standing near the cross) look like 00100000, which was a ‘word spacer’ in the Crabwood message:

01 (start)
01000010S (B)
01100101S (e)
01110111S (w)
01100001S (a)
01110010S (r)
01100101S (e)
00100000S (space) 

Vedi cristianesimo e pleiadiani, "Beware" in inglese significa "diffidare".

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