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UFO Evidence presents in-depth and quality research and resources on the UFO phenomenon. It is now one of the largest sources of quality information and research on the UFO subject available on the internet.

This website aims to raise awareness about the UFO phenomenon, and to show the extent of serious, quality and scientific information and evidence available on the subject.

The website currently includes the following: over 2,000 quality articles, documents and resources organized into over 80 topics; a high-quality Photo Gallery with over 380 UFO photographs to date; and a new Cases Directory with over 440 selected and good-quality cases. The website continues to grow with new content added regularly.

UFO Evidence also collects current and past UFO sighting reports from around the world, and presents these reports on the website. Since October 2003, we have collected nearly 4,500 sighting reports.

Other features of the website include discussion forums, government documents, and a UFO bookstore, as well as other projects and activities.

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