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Star people (also known as starseeds or Walk-in or Sons of stars or children of stars) is a New Age belief and fringe theory introduced by Brad Steiger in his 1976 book "Gods of Aquarius"[1] in which people believe they originated as extraterrestrials and arrived on Earth through birth or as a walk-in to an existing human body. It is a variant of the belief in alien-human hybrids.[2] The term "star people" was taken from an existing Native American spiritual concept.[3] Steiger also used the term as the title of his 1981 book written with his wife Francie.[4]



Steiger described "Star People" in his 1976 book on contactees as "humans who come from a special gene pool linked to visits by extraterrestrials".[5] Dazed noted that "with no definitive text to draw from there are all sorts of web denominations with opposing ideas and philosophies surrounding said alien race – not least over whether to spell Starseed as two words or one."[6]

Star people are supposed to share feelings of alienation,[6] isolation or loneliness, and they feel they do not fit in to Earth's institutions and events. In surveys, the Science Channel reports that nearly half reported near-death experience and seventy-five percent had an out-of-body experience. Nearly all of them say they feel tremendous urgency to fulfil a mission. They define themselves as "evolved beings" from another planet, solar system or galaxy who have come to Earth to assist its people to achieve a higher level of civilization and peace. They claim to come into human lifeforms and suffer helplessness and total amnesia concerning their identity, origins and life-purpose.[7] The awakening process claimed to be experienced[6] is described as either a gradual series of realizations over time, or an abrupt and dramatic awakening of consciousness. Through the awakening process, they regain memories about their past, origins and missions. An increase in intuition, psychic ability, and the sense of a more universal "self" that transcends mortal identity are also commonly reported. Some claim communication via telepathy with unearthly beings, either physical or non-physical. Some believe that life exists on other planets. Most believe they have lived on other planets, and many recount experiences they claim are memories of life on other worlds. The concepts of spaceships, intergalactic travel, psychic phenomena and sentient life forms in other galaxies are common.[8][9]

Star people are said to be identifiable by certain behavioral and physical traits, such as large eyes.[6]

Washington Post journalist Joel Achenbach interviewed people who said they were starseeds from the Pleiades for his book, "Captured by Aliens: The Search for Life and Truth in a Very Large Universe", and noted the contrast with ufologists: "the starseed are precisely the kind of New Age figures the traditional ufologists can’t stand. Ufologists look outward, toward the universe, for answers to the alien enigma. New Agers look inward."[10]


Advocates of the concept of star people / starseeds include Sheldan Nidle, who founded the Planetary Activation Organization.[6] There is an online following.[6]

Steiger recounted that Phillip K. Dick had written to him in the late 1970s to say he thought he might be one of the star people, and that his novel VALIS contained related themes.[11][12]

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