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Paul Vigay

Paul Vigay (October 24, 1964 – February 20, 2009) was a British computer consultant, best known for his work on developing and supporting RISC OS software. Paul attended the Horndean School in Waterlooville. He was keen on developing the use of computers in education, which led to him becoming a proponent of RISC OS. He had diverse interests from crop circles and UFOs to privacy and freedom.



Early life and education

Paul was born October 24, 1964 in Croydon. At Horndean School he passed 10 O-levels and started to use BBC B computers, which led to a life-long interest in computing.


Paul's first job of note, after a spell as a school computer technician and various free-lance programming assignments, was to edit the Acorn section of the Micronet800 on-line magazine in the late 1980s. At this time in the UK there was no widespread internet use, only a number of bulletin boards. The Micronet service became for a while the most popular on-line service for home users, and a significant proportion of users had Acorn BBC computers. When Micronet800 was withdrawn Paul continued to support RISC OS users, and later in 1995 worked for the Argonet ISP until the it was closed by its parent company, Freedom2, in 2005. Paul went on to open Orpheus Internet, primarily serving Argonet's previous customers, and continued to focus on supporting RISC OS users.

Other interests

Away from computers Paul had many interests, most public one being Crop Circles. He performed research into their causes and connections to measurable observations.


Paul's body was found off Portsmouth beach on February 20, 2009 after being reported missing the previous evening [1]. A post-mortem is due to be held to determine the cause of death. He is buried at The South Downs Natural Burial Site near Petersfield.


1^ Body found washed ashore in Southsea, Portsmouth News, accessed 2009-12-30

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